I am not seeing an artnet or SACN connection!

  1. Confirm you have an active artnet or SACN stream using a tol such as The Artnetominator  or SACN View
  2. These tools should be closed when you start unreal, as these protocols sometimes need exclusive port access
  3. Confirm the network connection being used has no firewall enabled.

I can’t see the Light or Beam!

  1. First make sure that artnet is connected and you can see fixtures pan and tilt.
  2. If you can’t see the light hitting surfaces, you may need to check your RHI and set to Direct X 11. We will be supporting direct X 12 soon.
  3. Check your exposure settings to see if you see standard moving spotlights in unreal
  4. If you can’t See a beam, check collisions on meshes. We currently use Collisions to detect when a beam hits an object to shorten the beam so it doesn’t go through objects.

DMX Data is paused when trying to record using Sequencer!

  • If recording while not in play mode make sure the Carbon GenericDMX Recording Tool is NOT minimized and is fully visible on screen. Minimizing or hiding the recording tool will pause the DMX data when not in play mode. (The recording tool may be minimized if recording in play mode)