Unreal Engine Settings

We’ve accumulated a number of settings that work well with Carbon Projects.

Initial Project Settings:

  • Game-Blank-Blueprint-Raytracing On

Editor Settings:


  • Show Frame Rate and Memory. Enable
  • Use Less CPU when in Background, Disable.

Project Settings:

Supported Platforms:

  • Disable all but Windows 64-bit (reduces shader permutations)

Platforms – Windows:

  • Default RHI- DirectX 12

Engine – Rendering

  • Support Hardware Ray Tracing, Enable

  • Allow Static Lighting, uncheck (unless you intend to bake lighting)

  • Auto Exposure, Disable
  • Motion Blur, Disable
  • Anti-Aliasing Method – Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA)
  • Light Units – Lumens

Engine – General Settings

  • Use Fixed Framerate, uncheck unless using for XR Productions. Follow advice from XR plugin otherwise.

Post Process Volume Settings:

Lumen Global Illumination:

  • Lumen Scene Detail – 4
  • Lumen Scene Lighting Update Speed – 4
  • Final Gather Lighting Update Speed – 4