Logging In

Once Carbon for Unreal is installed, the Carbon icon and button will be visible in the main menu bar of the Unreal Engine editor interface, usually located at the top center of the editor window. If you do not see the Carbon Icon, then the plugin is not properly installed or loaded.

The first time the Carbon icon is clicked in the main menu bar after installing the plugin users will be presented with the Carbon Welcome Panel which provides several options to retrieve previously purchased licenses.

After clicking the Carbon Icon on the UE4 toolbar, a sign-in window will appear with options to activate a Carbon Cloud License or create a new account.

The Carbon Welcome Panel can be reopened by clicking the “Carbon License” status area at the bottom of the Carbon Core Toolbar after the plugin has been loaded the first time.

“Cloud License” allows users to login with their Imaginary Labs account, and select their licenses directly inside the Unreal editor. This is the most convenient option, and will keep your license active in the project as long as the license is valid. An active internet connection is required to use this method.

Users without an Imaginary Labs account can make one as a part of their checkout process when purchasing license subscriptions from carbonforunreal.com. An Imaginary Labs account is required to purchase, manage, and use licenses for Carbon for Unreal.

Cloud License Login

(Logging in with the “Cloud License” requires an active internet connection)

  1. To log in using the “Cloud License” method click “Cloud License” in the Carbon Welcome Panel.
  2. Log in with an Imaginary Labs account when prompted.
  3. After a successful login Carbon will list the available licenses, with their IDs and license type.
  4. Select the desired license for use on this machine by clicking it, then click “Apply” near the bottom of the panel to confirm it will be associated with the current machine.
  5. If the license is successfully retrieved and applied, Carbon for Unreal will begin loading the main panels. This may take a few moments to load.
  6. Active license status can be verified by looking at the colored indicator at the bottom of the Carbon Core Toolbar. (Red: No valid license, Cyan: Active license is valid)