Known Issues

Fixtures may not function correctly after an update.

  • Unreal levels may hold onto cached versions of old Blueprints. To re-assert fixtures using the new version of the fixture, hit reload fixtures in the patch toolbox.

Color wheels do not show split colors or continuous rotation.

  • We are adding this functionality in a future version of Carbon for Unreal.

Corner pin framing shutters are not supported.

  • We currently only support insertion/rotation framing shutter mode.

Multi-color gobos render as greyscale.

  • We will add this functionality in the future.

Performance is low with Multi-instance fixtures and fixtures with Complex shadows.

  • We are looking into optimizations for these.

DMX data pauses when not in play mode.

  • If recording while not in play mode make sure the Carbon GenericDMX Recording Tool is NOT minimized and is fully visible on screen. Minimizing or hiding the recording tool will pause the DMX data when not in play mode. (The recording tool may be minimized if recording in play mode

grandMA3 viz-key is not supported with custom blueprints

  • We’ll update soon in a point release. in the meantime, we recommend patching these in low universe numbers to allow SACN or artnet to be granted parameters on these universes.

Conventional fixtures are not recorded by sequencer tools

  • We’ll fix with a point release

Fine Channel leak with Multi-Module fixtures (such as JDC1) causing rendering issue on first instance

  • We’ll fix with a point release

Secondary Prism is not supported with this release

  • This will be resolved in the next major release

Some fixtures do not have focus enabled, adding back through upcoming library updates

  • We’ll fix with library updates shortly

Crash when disabling Ndisplay

  • This is a known bug, but we have a procedure to repair your project after disabling Ndisplay.
    • in your project, open config folder
    • delete “Windows” folder.
    • Re-open Unreal.
  • For future projects we recommend using project template Game-Blank