Sequencer Tools

The Sequencer section contains tools to help capture and playback DMX fixtures. Carbon for Unreal currently supports recording and playback of controlled fixtures using the built in Take Recorder and Sequencer.

Accessing Carbon's Sequencer Tools

DMX Recorder

Clicking DMX Recorder will open the GenericDMX Recorder Tool, which is designed to streamline the process of setting up, recording, and playing back fixtures data using the built in Sequencer timeline.

The GenericDMX Recorder Tool guides users through the steps of selecting actors, arming actors for record, recording a take, and playing back the sequence in a step-by-step workflow. The tool is compatible with all actors with a parent class of GenericDMX, including all Carbon library fixtures.

The GenericDMX Recorder Tool has four collapsable panels:

  • Instructions
  • Recording
  • Playback
  • Reset

GenericDMX Recorder Tool

Instructions gives a brief overview of the steps to setup and use the tool

GenericDMXRecorder's instructions panel

The last three panels walk the user through the steps to properly record a take. Each panel will open and close as the steps are completed.

Recording: Displays a list of compatible actors in the scene, grouped by folder. (Organizing fixtures into folders can be done in the world outliner.) Clicking the checkbox next to the actor name will add the selected fixture to the list of fixtures to be added to the take recorder when “Arm for Record” is pressed at the bottom of the section. Clicking Arm for Record should open the Take Recorder if the panel is not already open in the editor.

Recording Panel of the DMX Recorder

Playback: Preps the previously selected list of fixtures to be played back using data from the Sequencer. Fixtures that are armed for playback using this tool will not be driven by DMX connections. Disarms the fixtures for recording.

Using the DMX Recorder to set fixtures into Sequencer playback mode

Reset: Restores the list of fixtures selected in the Recording section to be controlled by live DMX connections, and ensures the fixtures are disarmed for recording. Clicking Reset to Live will also reset the tool to display the Recording section to make a selection for new recording if desired.

Using the DMX Recorder to reset fixtures to live DMX mode