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Enabling creativity at every phase of your production

Design Exploration

Create and iterate faster from day one without switching between applications

Renderings & Pitches

Share design concepts as high quality stills or animations without long render times

Digital Rehearsals

Previsualize multiple disciplines of your upcoming production and share with client-facing results

Virtual Production

Consultation is available to integrate our genuine library into the world of XR

Robust Library

Ready-to-use Assets for Live & Virtual Events

Our Subscription Library is constantly updated to bring you everything you need to make rich and interactive worlds for productions of all sizes.

  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Truss
  • Speakers
  • Special Effects
  • Staging
  • Video Tiles (coming soon)
  • Backline Equipment (coming soon)
  • Lasers (coming soon)
  • Venues (coming soon)
High Fidelity

Carbon Light System is built for accuracy

Our flexible light constructor is designed to replicate all the features of theatrical lighting fixtures

  • Multiple Gobo Wheels (rotating and static)
  • Calibrated CMY and RGB color mixing
  • Animation Wheels
  • Rotating 4-blade framing shutter mechanism
  • Iris
  • Zoom
  • Multi-plane Focus
  • Continuous Rotation
  • Multi-instance Lamps
  • and more...
Rapid Workflow

Data-driven workflows accelerate your creativity

Transfer your design from .csv files to rapidly place and patch your entire rig in seconds, or build right in Unreal with our custom tools.

Flexible Import

Our Carbon Scene Builder is designed to interpret data from virtually any software application.

Spreadsheet View

Search, Filter, Select, and Edit fixture data with precise control and speed

Intelligent Auto-patch

Patch several fixtures automatically with channel count and universe auto-wrap detection.

Rapid Transforms

Duplicate, align, distribute tools eliminate repetitive tasks and increase precision.

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Powerful Features for Maximum Results

  • Auto-patch with Increment
  • Auto-number with Increment
  • Rename with Fixture number
  • Display Fixture number/Patch
  • Front arrow display toggle
  • Hide Mesh Toggle
  • Per-Parameter time w/ curves
  • Custom strobes types
  • Intensity Overrides
  • Library view with thumbnails
  • Custom gobos per slot
  • Gobo insertion angles
  • Color Calibrated flags
  • Swap Type
  • Swap Mode
  • Bulk transformations
  • Per-fixture quality overrides
  • Sortable/editable patch view
  • CSV Import Patch
  • Save patch for future projects
  • Align/Distribute Objects
  • Static Fixture manual control
  • Array tools
  • Align/Distribute Objects
  • Record DMX to sequencer
  • Multithreaded Core
  • Artnet4 Compatible
  • DMX Camera and switcher
  • Blueprint DMX nodes
  • Quick stat visibility toggles
  • Build in support requesting
  • Cloud/air-gapped Licensing
  • Perpetual Updates