Current Version 1.4

New Features:

  • Unreal 5.0.3/5.1 Support
  • MVR Fixture Import (Patch/placement using Carbon library assets)
  • Dramatic performance increases on Multi Instance and tube fixtures with Emissive Only
  • Wide Beam Performance Improvements
  • Overall Fixture Performance Improvements
  • Smoky beam options
  • Approximate light method (Preliminary)
  • Per-Pixel LED Tape Blueprint
  • Setting Panel
  • Over 320 Fixtures


  • Updated Cloud License Method (mitigates license resets when moving between computers)
  • License warning message clarity for unsupported plugins
  • Autopatch now works better with custom Blueprints using increment
  • Emissive repaired on Conventional Fixtures
  • Autopatch Fixed for Custom BPs

Quality of life improvements:

  • Preview channel count on modes in “Import Patch Dialog”
  • GUI Shelf Flyout
  • GUI panels now separated for more flexibility
  • New Library Icons
  • Installer now caches latest version for faster installation
  • Removed need to click connection tab before simulating
  • Native web browser authentication
  • Fixture Beams are now “No Occlusion” by default

Known Issues:

  • Viz Key wont control custom blueprints or FX (workaround-Map these to universe 1 and use the free artnet/SACN output)
  • Sequence Recorder may have issues with some fixtures (Fixes are in progress)
Minor releases

Version 1.4.5

  • Compatibility with Perforce Version Control

Version 1.4.4

  • Code refactor for Transform tools in Carbon Toolbox
  • Offline License Checkout Option (only available with Design licenses and up)
  • Fixed bug with DMX recorder where certain parameters weren’t recorded into sequencer
  • [Experimental] Multiple tilts on a single fixture
  • [Experimental] Panify with attachment mount
  • [Experimental] Pan/Tilt Motor Dampening Simulation

Version 1.4.3

  • Compatibility with UE 5.1.1
  • Addressed a game thread hang issue that caused the Engine to crash
  • Added recording notifications for DMX recorder
  • Fixed beams and footprints for conventionals

Version 1.4.2

  • Disabled Chaos physics simulation on play to optimize cpu usage
  • Fixed certain fixtures not obeying settings panel rules
  • Enabled smoke effect by default
  • Various library fixes and updates

Version 1.4.1

  • Added Drag and Drop support from Library panel
  • Undo Action for Duplicate Array tool
  • LED Tape patch fix
  • Adjusted global Zoom Attenuation

Previous Versions


New features

  • grandMA3 viz-key support (Design Edition and Higher licenses)
  • Improved library tab and first run speed
  • 2-3X speedup on CPU functions
  • Beam Optimizations including soft cap, visibility toggle when light is off/black, wide angle beam attenuation clamp
  • Increased library size to 271 Fixtures
  • Transition started to UE5 Styling
  • Added Carbon Stats in debug panel
  • Improved visibility of Emissive fixtures at higher distances
  • Phase out Unreal 4.26 Support

Known Issues:

  • grandMA3 viz-key is not supported with custom blueprints
  • Conventional fixtures are not recorded by sequencer tools
  • Fine Channel leak with Multi-Module fixtures (such as JDC1) causing rendering issue on first instance
  • Secondary Prism is not supported with this release
  • Some fixtures do not have focus enabled, adding back through upcoming library updates



Added the following new features:

  • Completely new fixture foundation
  • sACN and multiple Art-Net inputs with mapping
  • Several Fixture reconciliations
  • Under the hood performance optimizations
  • Beam Style Unification
  • Conventional fixture and accessories
  • Applied intensities as Lumens
  • Virtual Color Wheel
  • Tab Delimited File Import support
  • FX Library Refactor
  • UX Refinements
  • NEW ENGINE SUPPORT – Reality Engine 4.25
  • We now support DirectX 12 in Carbon Version 1.2.1

Known Issues:

  • Simple occlusions on concave objects cause beams to stop early or not render at all
Minor Releases

Version 1.2.3
Fixes issue with editor crashing when in play mode for an extended period of time (i.e. during long take recorder sessions)

Version 1.2.2
Library updates, various bug fixes

Version 1.2.1
Added support for DirectX 12



Added the following new features:

  • Per Light Rendering overrides for resolution, Attenuation, and type
  • DMX Sequencer Workflow
  • DMX Camera and Camera Manager
  • Preliminary Multithreading