Import Patch Tool

Carbon for Unreal has the ability to import entire shows (patch, fixture position, etc.) from a single spreadsheet or MVR file. Using the Import Patch Tool, users can prepare a show externally, either from software like Vectorworks and GrandMA2 3D, or manually, and import that data into Carbon for Unreal. The Import Patch Tool panel can be accessed via the Patch Panel, by pressing the “Import Patchbutton on the top left.

Accessing the Import Patch Tool
Accessing the Import Patch Tool

The Import Patch Tool takes an imported file and parses the data to generate Carbon fixtures that will populate in the level.

Using the Import Patch Tool

To import data using either CSV and MVR workflows, please follow the respective articles:

Importing plots from CSV – Importing using a CSV spreadsheet file.

Importing plots from MVR – Importing using the standardized, MVR format.