DMX Camera and Camera Manager

*A video tutorial on this topic is available:*


The DMX Camera has two components, a Camera Manager and Camera Components.

DMX Camera Chart

To start, we have a chart for the DMX Camera Protocol (Pictured below).

Download the DMXCamera Chart here: DMX Camera Chart

Using the DMX Camera Manager

After patching the chart above in your console, go to the Library View in the CarbonCore Toolbar, then click on Helpers. Then select DMX Camera Manager and right click the object to select “Insert into scene (0,0,0).” It will not show up in the scene when you click play, but it needs to be in the scene to control the various cameras.

To add DMX Cameras to the scene, select the DMXCameraManager, then under the Details panel, check the “Create Camera” checkbox. This places a new DMX Camera at the scene default of (0,0,0). Each time you click “Create Camera” you will place a new DMXCamera into the scene.

Note: Do not click the “Add Element” button. Ensure you use the “Create Camera” checkbox to add new cameras or else you will run into problems.

Make sure to change the Patch of the DMXCamera Manager in the Details panel to the correct channel if it wasn’t done already.

You can see from the picture below that when you move your DMXCamera to the “home” position you want, you can see a small viewport of what it will be looking at.

In the DMXCameraManager, the Camera Manager Patch will allow you to select the various different cameras in the scene. Each camera is offset by one, so a number zero camera is actually your camera one.

Check your connection in the Connection Panel in the CarbonCore Toolbar to make sure you are receiving DMX data before proceeding.

By default on the CameraManager channel, it is set to zero. If DMX Camera Manager is at zero, the default scene camera is used. When you change it to channel one on your console, you will see that the camera snaps to your DMX Camera. Now, you will be unable to move the camera within Unreal, but you can control it through the console the camera was patched to.


In your console, you have translation for forward and back, trucking left and right, and up and down. If you switch to rotation, you can pan around, tilt your camera, and roll your camera. You also have control of the Field of View (FOV), zoom, and also the exposure settings.