Terms and Conditions

Terms of Sale; License Agreement

“Carbon for Unreal” is a subscription S.A.A.S. (Software-as-a-service) plugin. At all times, the “Carbon for Unreal” EULA will govern over any use of the plugin. Click here to read complete End User License Agreement.

Subscriptions Lapse:

If the subscriber cancels or allows their subscription to lapse, the plugin will no longer function until renewed. Imaginary Labs is not responsible for file stability of an Unreal Engine Project that previously hosted the plugin “Carbon for Unreal” and has been removed by the user for non-renewal.


All licenses include Standard Support, which includes access to Web Forums, Online Tutorial Videos, Knowledge base, and our support ticket page. Imaginary Labs makes no guarantee of stability of the plugin or accuracy of any library item. New requests for library items are taken as first-come first-serve and will be built in the order received. New Library Items will be added to each public release during normal cadence. License holders may request priority fixture build service for a fee. Additional support such as remote desktop calls or source control participation is also available for a fee with 48-hour notice. Realtime Support hours may be purchased in advance of your production by contacting [email protected].

Student Licenses:

We support higher education though our “Personal Learning Edition” License of Carbon for Unreal. This is available ONLY to Individuals with valid and current student ID at an accredited higher education institution with degree programs in Stage Lighting, Scenography, Opera, Dance, Theatre, Video/Film/TV Production, Video Game Development, Interactive Development, Event Planning, Hospitality, Theme Park Design, or any related fields of study. Teachers and institutions may also contact us for discounted bulk licenses for use in the classroom, along with supportive materials. Recertification will occur every 12 months until graduation, resignation, or expulsion.

Broadcast Edition Licenses:

Carbon for Unreal Broadcast edition is geared towards mission critical live XR productions. In order to serve these productions for maximum success, we ask to be notified of upcoming rehearsal, testing, and filming dates with at least 48 hours’ notice. This will allow us to schedule support staff to be available to respond to any issues in realtime and offer solutions.


Imaginary Labs makes no guarantees to the stability or compatibility of “Carbon for Unreal” with any other 3rd party plugin hosted by the users Unreal Project. We make every effort to test with commonly used plugins within the entertainment industry, but it is the user’s responsibility to report any incompatibility through the Carbon for Unreal Web Support Ticket system here.

Additionally, Imaginary Labs strives to replicate fixtures and their functionality, however fixtures are annotated based on their level of detail and testing within the “developer notes” of the fixture blueprint. Users seeking mission critical testing can contact Imaginary Labs for an estimate of fees associated with advancement of priority.


Customers who purchase a “monthly subscription” or “annual subscription” who wish to cancel their license may do so with no additional fees if made within 5 business days prior to the next billing cycle start to avoid the new charges. Cancellations made between 5 days and start of next billing cycle will receive a full refund of the renewal subscription fees within 30 days of the cancellation. Cancellations made after charges are posted for “monthly subscriptions” are not eligible for a refund but will not autobill the next cycle. Users who cancel during an active “annual subscription” will receive a prorated refund for the whole months remaining in the subscription. Any license that is cancelled is once again subject to any signup fees that are applied to any “new” licenses. All refund and cancellation requests must be made by emailing [email protected]