Imaginary Labs is pleased to announce the release of Carbon for Unreal 1.4, our single most substantive update to Carbon since we launched in 2021.
We have worked hard to improve virtually every aspect of the plugin and give you the best and most flexible entertainment design solution available.
To celebrate the launch, we’re giving you access to this powerful tool for 1 month.

What will you create?

See what other users have #madewithcarbon



  • Our panel of judges will select the top entry in each of 3 categories:
    1. Best Musicality/Programming (6 months Design Edition and grandMA3 viz-key bundle)
    2. Best Scenography/World Design (12 months Design Edition)
    3. Best XR/VR/AR Production – (1 Year Studio Edition)
  • We will also have a “people’s choice award”, selected by you! Winner will receive a 1-year Design Edition license.
  • All participants who submit an entry by March 1st, 2023 11:59 PM GMT will receive a 10% discount code on any annual license after all prizes have been awarded




  • You may build any type of event or experience, so long as you use dynamic elements being controlled by DMX through the Carbon for Unreal plugin.
  • Scenes must include at least one Carbon library fixture.
  • We reserve the right to use your submission to promote the capabilities of Carbon for Unreal. By submitting your entry you are giving us permission to display all or any part for promotional purposes.
  • You may use live performers, CG characters, or performers. If you use live performers, you must provide proper release forms for everyone featured in your performance.
  • You may use multiple cameras or just one, but we encourage the use of camera movement.
  • You may record the presentation live as you run DMX from console, or you may record DMX using sequencer support and render out in “less than real time”. Your submission must indicate which method you used.
  • All clips must be at least 1920x1080 with as little compression as possible. Submissions should be in the form of original file links on a shared server such as dropbox, google drive, or onedrive. In addition to sending us official submissions, you may share YouTube links, twitch, or snippets of your project in progress on the Carbon for Unreal user group Facebook page.
  • Clips should not exceed 4 minutes duration.
  • All videos will be posted on the Imaginary Labs YouTube page once we receive each one. The video with the most “likes” will be the winner of the People’s Choice award.
  • If you are trying to tackle something challenging in your project, let us know in the user group. We will be responding with tips and tricks throughout. Please submit your use case on the Carbon for Unreal user group page and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.
  • If you are looking for support due to stability or odd behavior, please submit your ticket through the official bug submission form within the plugin, and note that you are a contestant in the “#MadewithCarbon Challenge”
  • Judges are not permitted to submit entries.
  • Each individual or team may submit up to 3 entries, but each must feature a different environment..
  • Promotional licenses issued for this contest period are not to be used on any commercial project. If you need a license for commercial purposes, please contact [email protected] to purchase a license. You may use a retail license to submit a contest entry for consideration.
  • The window for acceptable entries is January 23 2023 through March 1st 11:59 PM GMT. Submissions received outside of this window may still be used in promotional material but will be disqualified from prize considerations.
  • You may not use bots or proxies to vote in the people’s choice award
  • Winners will be announced March 6th on the Carbon For Unreal Facebook User Group.