Installing the Plugin

Before installing/updating the Carbon Plugin on any project, be sure to save and close any open instances of the Unreal Engine.

Download the Carbon for Unreal Installer

To get started with Carbon for Unreal, download the Carbon for Unreal installer sent as a part of the license purchase process. Extract the installer from the .zip archive and run the CarbonInstaller Windows executable.

Updating from a previous version of Carbon for Unreal

If you have a previous version of Carbon installed to your project’s “Plugins” directory, the installer will fail. To upgrade from a previous version of the plugin delete the entire “CarbonCore” folder from this directory before using the installer. Deleting the plugin directory will not delete your level data.
(Note: We highly recommend backing up your patch to a .csv file using the “patch save tool” before updating. See section on “Backing up Carbon Scenes” for further details)

Install from Automatic Installer

The Carbon for Unreal installer will automatically download and place the plugin in the correct directory in your Unreal project. There must be no prior versions of Carbon for Unreal installed in your project to use the installer.
Click browse to specify the directory of the Unreal project you wish to install Carbon into and select the project’s .uproject file. Next select the engine version the project is using and click “Install Carbon for Unreal.”