Version 1.4

1.4 highlights:

  • Unreal 5.0.3/5.1 Support
  • MVR Fixture Import (Patch/placement using Carbon library assets)
  • Dramatic performance increases on Multi Instance and tube fixtures with Emissive Only
  • Wide Beam Performance Improvements
  • Overall Fixture Performance Improvements
  • Smoky beam options
  • Approximate light method (Preliminary)
  • Per-Pixel LED Tape Blueprint
  • Setting Panel
  • Over 320 Fixtures


  • Updated Cloud License Method (mitigates license resets when moving between computers)
  • License warning message clarity for unsupported plugins
  • Autopatch now works better with custom Blueprints using increment
  • Emissive repaired on Conventional Fixtures
  • Autopatch Fixed for Custom BPs

Quality of life improvements:

  • Preview channel count on modes in “Import Patch Dialog”
  • GUI Shelf Flyout
  • GUI panels now separated for more flexibility
  • New Library Icons
  • Installer now caches latest version for faster installation
  • Removed need to click connection tab before simulating
  • Native web browser authentication
  • Fixture Beams are now “No Occlusion” by default

Known Issues:

  • Viz Key wont control custom blueprints or FX (workaround-Map these to universe 1 and use the free artnet/SACN output)
  • Sequence Recorder may have issues with some fixtures (Fixes are in progress)