Version 1.3

Added the following new features:

  • grandMA3 viz-key support (Design Edition and Higher licenses)
  • Improved library tab and first run speed
  • 2-3X speedup on CPU functions
  • Beam Optimizations including soft cap, visibility toggle when light is off/black, wide angle beam attenuation clamp
  • Increased library size to 271 Fixtures
  • Transition started to UE5 Styling
  • Added Carbon Stats in debug panel
  • Improved visibility of Emissive fixtures at higher distances
  • Phase out Unreal 4.26 Support

Known Issues:

  • grandMA3 viz-key is not supported with custom blueprints
  • Conventional fixtures are not recorded by sequencer tools
  • Fine Channel leak with Multi-Module fixtures (such as JDC1) causing rendering issue on first instance
  • Secondary Prism is not supported with this release
  • Some fixtures do not have focus enabled, adding back through upcoming library updates