Patch View

The Patch View of the Carbon Core toolbar provides a convenient table view for seeing all the Carbon fixtures currently placed in your scene. The first time the tab is opened the table may be empty. Select the “Refresh  View” button at the top left of the table to scan the current map for fixtures and populate them in the table. It is a best practice to always refresh the view before making any changes to fixtures in the table.

The patch tab table shows all the Patch Data for the given fixtures in the scene as well as the position of the fixture in the scene. Selecting a row of the table will also select the fixture in the World Outline and in the Viewport. The “Locate Fixture” button moves the viewpoint to show the currently selected fixtures.

To edit the patch of a fixture simply edit the value in the Patch column of the table for the desired fixture. The patch will be updated in the Details panel automatically to match

To begin patching, use the left-hand navigation tabs to enter the “Patch” panel. Click the “Refresh” button near the top of the panel to refresh the list of placed fixtures in the scene.

Find and select the fixture you would like to patch in the list. Once selected, navigate to the “Details” panel of the light and scroll down to “Fixture Data”. Here you can edit a variety of settings to individual fixtures. To set the mode, either type the mode name directly into the field, or use the “Change Mode” button to select from a dropdown list. The Fixture number can be entered in the field directly below the active mode. To change the patch, simply enter the patch number within the “Patch” field of Fixture Data. (Universe.dmx format)

[Note that patch ID values must be separated by a “.” (period)]


Auto Patch Tools

Link to Autopatch tool